Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hi....I am now in the beautiful and friendly town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have traveled 3 thousand miles from Maine and crossed over into Mexico from the border town of Eagle Pass , Texas. Yes, I was nervous about crossing into the northern border towns. I was told that their were still daily shootings and that I was crazy to cross as the cartel would love my bike and would shoot me in a minute and dump my body down the closest well.....WELL,  i did find a more positive opinion which told me that the shootings had stopped 3 weeks ago and that there was a big increase in the military presence. I crossed first thing in the morning and got away from the border town as fast as i could. The military were every where in full combat gear with machine guns. Check points were every 60 miles or so with 40- 100 men all ready for something to happen ?? The check points had a main stopping area maned by at least 10-20  guards all wearing black masks cover their faces and also men stationed at 4 other spot behind sandbag barricades ... It was a little intimadating but all actually went very well. It took me 3 days crossing the cool desert before arriving in San Miguel De Allende. Ill just post pics now..

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  1. I have been a bit worried... glad you made it to San Miguel... lovely town back then. I just spoke with a guest from Sinaloa about travel in Mexico... He, and our house keeper from a small town near Guadalajara, warn that the smaller towns are being taken over by the gangs.... bigger towns are actually safer.. Sinaloa should be off your map period...

    be careful my friend...

    xxoo chuckeee and the nan