Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buenos Dias.. Its hard leaving these towns so steep in history and tradition. Antigua , Guatemala is full of both . After exploring the city by foot for a couple of days it is always so thrilling to get back on the bike and explore the surrounding towns and villages. These pica were taken in the Ciudad Vieja during their 2 day festival celebrating the 7 evils..  The ABOVE  photos were taken during the first day of the festival ..Its always nice when there are no tourists around and  only a handful of local expats so is was rich in authenticity , history and outside interference or junk.......The first day of the festival a long parade depicts getting rid of the "evil spirits" from the city so that the following night the celebration of the Virgins conception can be celebrated with music, food and fireworks. This day also remembers the Spanish conquest and in many of the floats they are getting rid or making fun of the Spanish....Not sure whats going on with this font stuff..sorry..Hopefully this will precede the photos as well... well...guess i have to figure this out better...Heading to El Salvador in the morning..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some pics from San Cristobal De Las Casas , Mexico. This town is remarkable and is a lot like Oaxaca use to be . The plaza is not over run by tourism or commercialism. It has a vibrant art seen and  beautiful walking streets lined with cafes and restaurants all with a historic and old world charm. Its home to many indigenous people as well as a big hippy scene with some expats thrown in...Nice mix..

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi Friends...

Sorry im behind on zee blog... Here is copy post from today on FB. I will post pics from last days in Mexico later..

The light in Guatemala is SENSATIONAL ! Clear and sharp like October skies in Maine. The ride from the Mexican border to Antigua was a great road winding thru pine forests and hills of corn fields . Antigua is an old colonial town set at among 3 volcanoes. My hotel is is a large rambling house with small court yards and gardens everywhere that is owned by the fifth generation of the governor of G
uatemala.. Its hard not to be bold over by the rich heritage and architecture of this beautiful town... Now to back up a bit...a scary last day in of a few little mishaps... Came to a road block with cars lined up and about 200 men lining the road all wearing the Mexican resistance bandanas.( i almost wore mine that day as i had been photographing and sympathizing with the movement in several towns. I chose not to in case i was stopped by the military or police and thinking they might not appreciate my sentiments..I did think Id be stopped by the resistance ..:)) Long story short..As I can to the front a rope was put up in front of me as about 20 men blocked and surrounded me demanding 50 pesos ( $4.ish ) No problem ..Love to pay ..:)They were not happy faces..I stopped and slowly began to find 50 pesos without opening my wallet..Another 20 or more men seeing the gringo ran and surrounded me on all sides and as i turn around I can no longer see any cars or surroundings except the men..The last glimpse of another man on a motorbike before they closed in looked frightened... well all went in slow motion as i calculated amongst some shouting, paid the 50 pesos and got away before things could have been worse.. They are a peaceful group ordinarily but in a situation like that things could have gone wrong quickly.. Viva La Mexico..xo

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hi There.. behind a couple of posts...I do keep more regular posts on Facebook... sooo please if you would like to see all my posts on the trip feel free to "friend" me.( I'll keep repeating this.. :) I prefer the ease and interaction on Facebook... Seems like im talking to outer space here.....:)) Anyway... Great ride from Oaxaca to the pacific coastal town of Puerto Escondido. I was here 30 yrs ago and the main st was all pot holes and dirt. When it rained you were lucky to get your car or in our case your truck up the hill to get out of town. There use to be a few places to rent rooms but we and dozens of surfers camped on the beach. However, things have changed and there are many hotels ( thankfully with a 3 story max) restaurants, shops and beach bars. Although there has been major development P. Escondido still remains a very laid back and charming beach town.. Many surfers still come  here do to the famous " Mexican pipeline" which refers to the powerful and large surf .