Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oaxaca city sits between 3 valleys surrounded by high mountains . It is famous for its colonial architect   its cathedrals and vibrant art scene ...Like most Mexican cities, life surrounding the Zocalas ( central squares ) are full of side walk cafes, musicians, food venders , local arts and crafts and as in this case protesters camped on one side outside the governors doors... The drive from Pueblo to Oaxaca was a beautifully paved road that wound around the mountains.. perfect for motos with wide sweeping views. I am impressed with the mexican drivers and many of the cops wave that are on their bikes and many women ( even the old ones) lean out their windows and give me the thumbs up !!

Today I got my oil and filter changed...It makes a girl feel GOOD when the BMW mechanic team treats her bike like a Queen...:))

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