Saturday, October 27, 2012

The shake down has begun..

Left the beautiful state of Maine where the Mountains meet the Sea on Tuesday , Oct 23rd. I thought i had the bag situation down, but had to down size, repack and reconfigure 3 times. The bike is still very heavy and i very well may get rid of camping gear at some point. Staying in hotels in South American and Africa are cheap enough...I have tools, books , maps, and misc. that I dont need on a daily basis in the aluminum panniers. I highly recommend all waterproof heavy duty expedition bags. I have saddle bags from Wolfman that I have separated and placed perfectly on top of the panniers and a medium duffle from Ortlieb. ...   My back pack is also totally waterproof with a roll down top as well from Bags- Connection .. My favorite motorcycle gear and parts company is

I am now in Virginia and about 1200 miles down the road. I have been taking it easy as i am still experiencing pain from my recent appendectomy and getting use to riding a bike fully loaded riding longer hours. The beauty of riding solo is that there is no one to complain too. Heading for rain today and those of you on the east coast shall be hearing from storm Sandy..Have fun and take pics for me..xo

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  1. take a day or two off when you get to some warm beaches... relax and breathe in the warmth... let your healing body catch up to your whirling dervish of a mind <3