About Me

Hi and Welcome 

I am a photographer, traveller, a mother and grandmother from Hope, Maine USA. I am traveling around the world solo on my BMW 650 GS motorcycle ,beginning on October 11th, 2012 and ending around June of 2014. This will be a photo exploration as well as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for African aid. Traveling alone by motorcycle in different countries and culture, has given me the opportunity to  discover first hand that as many differences as we have , the important things in life we share. Its universal. We ultimately want the same thing for our families and communities. Meeting and sharing time with people of different cultures other then your own helps build trust , understanding and even love regardless of any religious or political affiliations. The experience benefits both and we all become  stronger and united in this world together. Governments do not always get along but people do. When I travel solo on a motorcycle I am easily approachable. I find communicating with out a common language easy and if not at times at least entertaining and humorous for all involved. Traveling by motorcycle alone gives great reflection to ones own existence and spirit as well as those you meet. While traveling, there is no past or future. You are in the moment, everything new , every stop and meeting becomes such joy! You are in "their place" .. I want to express the beauty of "their" place, the beauty of "their"  spirit thru my photography. . The soul that connects us all. The energy that connects us all. I would like to celebrate the human spirit through the camera.....WE ARE ALL ONE !!!

Thank you and please feel free to facebook friend me or follow on this blog... Love and Peace to You All... Eliza.


  1. Test..Having trouble trying to get the background even....geeeezum...

  2. Storm Warriors International donated $500 to Women for Women in recognition of your trip and efforts and in service to their purpose and mission.

    Best of all success to you!

  3. Just found your blog - what an incredible adventure! I can't wait to read more!

  4. It seems like your road trip has come to an end...or are you still on the road? I'd like to interview you about this amazing adventure. Would love to get in touch with you.