Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hi There.. behind a couple of posts...I do keep more regular posts on Facebook... sooo please if you would like to see all my posts on the trip feel free to "friend" me.( I'll keep repeating this.. :) I prefer the ease and interaction on Facebook... Seems like im talking to outer space here.....:)) Anyway... Great ride from Oaxaca to the pacific coastal town of Puerto Escondido. I was here 30 yrs ago and the main st was all pot holes and dirt. When it rained you were lucky to get your car or in our case your truck up the hill to get out of town. There use to be a few places to rent rooms but we and dozens of surfers camped on the beach. However, things have changed and there are many hotels ( thankfully with a 3 story max) restaurants, shops and beach bars. Although there has been major development P. Escondido still remains a very laid back and charming beach town.. Many surfers still come  here do to the famous " Mexican pipeline" which refers to the powerful and large surf .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oaxaca city sits between 3 valleys surrounded by high mountains . It is famous for its colonial architect   its cathedrals and vibrant art scene ...Like most Mexican cities, life surrounding the Zocalas ( central squares ) are full of side walk cafes, musicians, food venders , local arts and crafts and as in this case protesters camped on one side outside the governors doors... The drive from Pueblo to Oaxaca was a beautifully paved road that wound around the mountains.. perfect for motos with wide sweeping views. I am impressed with the mexican drivers and many of the cops wave that are on their bikes and many women ( even the old ones) lean out their windows and give me the thumbs up !!

Today I got my oil and filter changed...It makes a girl feel GOOD when the BMW mechanic team treats her bike like a Queen...:))