Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally Ready..

I think I'm ready... but will i ever truly be ? Have maps, guides and tools... Cameras, laptop , ipad and GPS..Camping gear, first aid and riding protective gear... Yahoo. Leaving tomorrow heading south in a line for New Orleans, to Texas and crossing the border to Mexico. I am going to try and figure out how to connect these post to Face book as I prefer the interaction on FB. However, I know some of you are not on FB and wish not to be so I will keep this going as much as possible.  Anyone else, feel free to FB me and follow there... Thanks for stopping by... XO


  1. looking forward to your first "on the road" report!

  2. here's a video on how to connect your blog to FB!

  3. Thanks Leslie... I signed up but the port of entry to make it work is really odd..It seems you publish from their site which is full of junk and ads and ugly to manage..we will see...