Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello Friends..

Hi Friends...
Happy Belated New Years !!
May your New Year be filled with Love, Happiness, Joy and Good Health !!!

Well...At least i have half an excuse this time for not posting .. About 10 days before Christmas , I was in an accident on my motorcycle. I had just spent several days with friends at Playa Tunca in El Salvador and was heading towards the border of Nicaragua when a  car hit me. I assume it didnt see me and pulled out alongside of me then made a left turn in front of me ,crashing into my aluminum bag . I in turn, stumbled to keep upright and before i could look up i was running into 2 women standing on the side of the road at the crowded intersection. It was good that I had already slowed down. I would have been in jail by now if there were not so many eye witnesses at the scene. I never really had to explain my side of the story. The car that caused this traumatic event for those involved took off as soon as he hit me..I'm fine with a few bruises and a couple of broken ribs but both women have stitches on their lips and one of them  had more serious injuries and was to be in the hospital another day or 2. I was with the family the first 2 days making sure they were ok and working out a payment as she would not be able to work for a while..I cannot express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the people involved including the bystanders , the military , the police, the victims ( as they were called later by the lawyer) and the family of the victims for their understanding and great compassion towards me. And especially to the Salvadorian family and their son Jonathan who helped translate and took me into their home for 3 days to recuperate...

Its been 3 weeks or so now and my ribs are healing very slowly and painfully..However..I have had a great journey never -the -less and continue to meet wonderful people as I traveled  through El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rico and Panama. I am currently in Panama city and am looking forward to the 5 day sailing voyage on Sunday from Carti , Panama through the San Blas Islands to Cartagena, Colombia.

Posting a bit of random pics... XO

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