Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buenos Dias.. Its hard leaving these towns so steep in history and tradition. Antigua , Guatemala is full of both . After exploring the city by foot for a couple of days it is always so thrilling to get back on the bike and explore the surrounding towns and villages. These pica were taken in the Ciudad Vieja during their 2 day festival celebrating the 7 evils..  The ABOVE  photos were taken during the first day of the festival ..Its always nice when there are no tourists around and  only a handful of local expats so is was rich in authenticity , history and outside interference or junk.......The first day of the festival a long parade depicts getting rid of the "evil spirits" from the city so that the following night the celebration of the Virgins conception can be celebrated with music, food and fireworks. This day also remembers the Spanish conquest and in many of the floats they are getting rid or making fun of the Spanish....Not sure whats going on with this font stuff..sorry..Hopefully this will precede the photos as well... well...guess i have to figure this out better...Heading to El Salvador in the morning..

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  1. wow! just wow! your most powerful, keep them coming!

    chuckee and the nan