Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello ... Good Day to All !

Well....I'd say im really behind the eight ball.
I apologize ...Unfortunately,  I have had to let the blog go in favor of posting on Face Book and writing a journal of sorts. Internet is scarce or intermittent at times and therefor posting very time consuming .

My journey however , continues and I have already crossed South America from Colombia thru Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. I flew myself and the bike from Buenos Aires To Cape Town , South Africa. I have now been about 8  weeks in Africa , visiting the countries of Swaziland , Lesotho and now am in Mozambique. Looking forward to heading over to Malawi this week.

 The people and experiences I have encountered have been paramount... So many special meetings and exchanges...Love is everywhere..... We are All One......

Feel free to follow me on Facebook....All The Best..Eliza XOXO

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